Mount pinatubo

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  • Mt. Pinatubo-Eruption 1991
    • Effects
      • Primary
        • 300 people killed
        • Magma oozed out around the Volcano
        • A massive eruption ejected 5 cu. km of volcanic material
          • This caused 1000's of building to be covered in ash and destroyed
        • An ash cloud was sent 35km into the sky
          • effected world flights
          • Global temperatures dropped by 0.5 degrees centegrade
        • Electricity lines were destroyed
      • Secondary
        • 1.2 million people lost their homes
        • 650,000 people lost their jobs
        • Farmland became unusable for years
        • Lahars caused river bank erosion
        • Full econic recovery cost $10 billion
        • 500 people died from diseases caused by volcano
    • Responses
      • Long Term
        • New homes and schools were built
        • New villages away from the affected area are slowly being built
        • Government attempting to invest in area
        • Repairs from the eruption still continue
      • Short Term
        • Shanty town type refugee camps set up
        • Emergency aid sent to the area
        • Disater relief from foreign countries
        • Some infrastucture repair
    • Key Info
      • Erupted between 12th-15th June 1991
      • Composite Volcano
      • Explosive eruption- 2nd biggest of the century
    • Causes
      • In April 1991, Magma began to rise from 32km below the volcano to the surface
        • This caused more earthquakes
        • and large steam explosions forming 3 craters in the vocano
          • 1000's of tons of Sulfur dioxide were let out
        • 1000's of tons of Sulfur dioxide were let out
      • A landslide and local earthquakes were recorded at mount Pinatubo.
        • This suggested the Volcano was waking
      • A 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hit the Philippines,
        • 100km away from the volcano.
        • In 1990
        • Caused shaking and  of the earth's crust beneath the volcano


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