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  • Mr.Utterson
    • Lawyer and old friend of Jekyll
      • Calm and rational, just as lawyers should be
      • Approach to life is to weigh up the evidence (like a scientist)
      • Spends much of the novel trying to help and advise Jekyll
      • But he is a contrast to Jekyll, as he is not thought to have the dual nature within him
      • Honerable
      • Well respected in London
        • Archetype of a Victorian gentleman
      • Protects Jekyll, even when he suspects he isn't being completely honest
      • Trustworthy
        • (Jekyll to Utterson), 'I would trust you before any man alive'
      • Convinced Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll to put him in his will
    • Stevenson could use him to represent the attitudes of the reader at the time
      • Also represents much of the ideals of the Victorian gentleman
        • Serious yet human
      • Refuses to accept anything supernatural and is rational
    • His sense of shock and horror when he first meets Hyde is irrational
    • The readers never discover his reactions to the letters- he is an incomplete character
      • Perhaps Stevenson's way of showing that sensible and rational people do not always have all the answers
    • 'never lighted by a smile', 'yet extremely lovable'
      • Serious
        • Needs to be serious so we as readers believe his view of events
      • 'lovable' encourages a positive response to him from the reader
    • 'approved tollerance for others' - tolerant to other people, but strict with himself
      • Always been 'inclined to help, not reprove'
      • interesting,as lots of things considered to be out the rules of society
      • would not have been shared universally across Victorian society
      • needs to be the one Jekyll opens up to (no one else could fulfill this)
    • Trustworthy, but not interesting in himself so that he doesn't distract too much from other characters.
      • Perfect character through whom to see the world of the novel
        • Not judgmental to allow the reader to do the judging
        • Trusting of what others tell him
        • Shows  off other characters differences and contrasts
    • Curious about the darker aspects of London
      • 'wandering,almost with envy' at people with dark, sinister secrets.
        • Interested in what drives them to commit idiscretions, he becomes obsessed
          • Contrasts with his upstanding gentleman
    • Hyde begins to take over Utterson - he  'haunted the lawyer at night'





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