Mrs Lyons

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  • Mrs Lyons
    • "There's a stone in place of her heart"
    • "I'm finding it rather large at present
    • (She pushes the money into Mrs Johnstone's hand.)
    • " You won't tell anybody about this, Mrs Johnstone, because if you do, you will kill them"
    • "I'm not depressed Richard; It's just that she makes me feel..."
    • "They're... drawing him away from me"
    • "...rush at table and sweep the shoes off"
    • "Everybody has secrets, don't you have secrets?"
    • "She's off her beam my ma..."
    • "Witch. I curse you. Witch."
    • "She turns Mickey round and points out Edward and Linda to him."
    • "High upon the hill there's a woman gone mad."


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