An Inspector Calls - Mrs Birling quotes

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    • Controlling
      • "No of course not. He's only a boy"
        • Controls him by belittling him
        • Treats him like a boy so that she has more power
          • Controls him by belittling him
      • "Arthur, you're not supposed to say such things"
        • Controls her husband
        • Social status is important
    • Proud
      • "You have no power to make me change my mind"
        • she tries to assert authority over him but fails
          • Less powerful
          • She is used to having the most power in a conversation
            • Strange situation for her, still attempts to take gain power
      • "I consider I did my duty"
        • Feels no guilt or regret for what she did
        • The events have not phased her in anyway
        • Refuses to change
          • Impervious
            • The events have not phased her in anyway
      • Pride acts as a barrier
    • Broken Woman
      • "Well why shouldn't we?"
        • As soon as the inspector is found out to be a fake she goes back to her old self
        • Doesn't understand why people still feel guilt
      • "(very distressed now) No - Eric please - I didn't know - I didn't understand"
        • Beginning to show guilt
          • Pauses in her speech show this
        • Begging for forgiveness




these helped me on the understanding but need more quotes next time...

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