Mrs Aseop. By Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Mrs Aseop. By Carol Ann Duffy.
    • In the poem she is talking about her husband.
      • Refers to him as 'he' shows little respect
        • She feels she is better than him.
      • She gets emnbarssed by her husband and finds him boring 'bore for purgatory'
        • she is married to the writer of fables.
    • I'll cut off your tail.' cutting off his manhood
    • Aseop that wrote the fables was a small and hunched.
    • Each Stanza is 5 lines
      • In the last stanza Mrs Aseop constructs her own fable. double entrendre of '****' is an insult. 'razor, sharpe axe.' symbolic of her tounge.
    • Some of the fables mentioned.
      • 'Dog in a manger.' is a person who slefishly keeps something that he or she does not really need or want, so that others may not use it or enjoy it.
      • the lion dressing up is, clothes may disguise a fool but words will give him away.
    • 'Tedious' emphasised by ceasure illustrates how she sees his stories.
    • she insults his masculinity 'sex was diabolical.'
    • feminist poem


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