Sybil Birling

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  • Mrs Sybil Birling
    • "about fifty, a rather cold woman and her husband's social superior"
      • Unusual for the times - women usually married people of a higher class - climbing the social ladder
    • A snob and irritated by Birling's social gaffe of praising the cook in front of Gerald
    • Has the least respect for the Inspector
      • Tries to intimidate him unsuccessfully
      • Lies about not recognising the photo of Eva
    • Sees Eric and Sheila as "Children"
      • Very patronising towards them
      • Tries to deny the fact that Eric is an alcoholic
    • Admits she was prejudiced against Eva
      • Saw it as her "duty" to refuse to help her
      • Narrow sense of morality dictates that the father of a child should be responsible for its welfare, regardless of the circumstances
      • "As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money"
        • Pre-judges Eva based on her social class
        • Eva choses morals over desperation - better woman than Sybil who choses prejudice before social responsibility
    • Refuses to believe she did anything wrong and doesn't except responsibility for her part in Eva's death
      • "I accept not the blame for it all"
        • Doesn't see that we are entering everyone's life and affecting them in some shape or from
        • Blind to social responsiblity


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