Mrs Joe

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  • Mrs Joe
    • responsible for "brought up pip by hand" after her parents die.
    • She treats Pip harshly ever since he was born with punishments such as the "tickler" and the tar.
    • Dickens characterizes her vividly and portrays an example of Mrs Joe's inner feelings- the square impregnable bib "full of pins and needles" which express her resentful lack of maternal feeling
      • She is a strong woman who is more dominating than her husband, thus contradicting the Victorian ideal of domesticated caring woman accepting womanhood
    • Mrs Joe is portrayed as ambitious as she tries to make her way up the social ladder, i.e sucking up to pumblechook- trying to become more than just a blacksmiths wife- she may be strong but she is still "mrs joe" we don't know her real name- deprived of her own identity - shes still seen as Joe's possession
    • Can be described as a "farcical termagant"
      • However, she is a hardworking, desperate housewife, maintaining firm domestic order while being troubled with nervous anxiety
        • Lumbered with the responsibility of looking after pip but denied her own children, life is hard for her, therefore her frustration is spilled out in physical ways- conveys how she is a VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE
        • Dickens explores her psychological disorder as her personality transforms after Orlick attacks her - perhaps she like feeling inferior for once- like being put in h


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