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  • Mrs Grenc
    • Movement
      • An action by an organism causing a change of position or place.
    • Respiration
      • The chemical reactions that break down nutrient molecules in living cells to release energy.
    • Sensitivity
      • The ability to detect or sense changes (stimuli) in their surroundings and to make appropriate responses.
    • Growth
      • A permanent increase in size and dry mass (growth) and an increase in complexity (development)
    • Reproduction
      • The processes that make more of the same kind of organism.
    • Excretion
      • The removal from organisms of toxic materials and the waste products of metabolism
    • Nutrition
      • The taking of materials for energy, growth and development
    • Control of internal conditions
      • Maintaining internal environments and regulation of conditions inside of the body (eg. temp, water content and CO2 levels.


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