Mrs Birling

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  • Mrs Birling
    • Personality
      • Arrogant
        • 'my husband was lord mayor just 2 years ago'
          • trying to seem intimidating
        • 'I did nothing I'm ashamed of'
          • no remorse or responsibility for her actions. believes she has a right to do so because of her social status
        • 'she was giving herself ridiculous airs'
        • 'simply absurd of a girl in her position'
      • rude
        • 'girls of that class'
        • 'go and look for the father of the child. its his responsibility'
        • 'As if a girl of that sort would refuse money'
      • ignorant and oblivious
        • 'Alderman Meggarty! I must say, we are learning something tonight!'
          • doesn't actually know whats going on with people she's close with
        • 'in Brumley!'
          • unaware that there's prostitutes in her town
        • 'it isn't true'
          • not only unaware of whats happening in her town but whats happening in her own home with her children
          • too arrogant to accept Eric has a drinking problem. refuses to believe it
    • attitude towards women
      • 'when you're married, you'll realise men with important work do sometimes have to spend nearly all their time and energy on their business'
        • women should let men do what they want and not question them
        • conforms to the patriarchal society of the time
      • 'please don't contradict me like that'
        • women don't have a say like men. she doesn't say this to a man
    • Attitude towards the poor and social responsibility
      • 'as if a girl of that sort would refuse money'
        • stereotyping
      • 'I blame the young man who was the father of the child'
        • no social responsibility
        • rich shouldn't have to help the poor if they're in unfortunate circumstance
      • 'I did nothing I'm ashamed of'
        • accepts no responsibility
        • thinks what she did was right
      • 'I think she only had herself to blame'
        • poor are responsible for whatever happens to them


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