mrs birling

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  • Mrs Birling
    • "I'll tell you what I told her. go and look for the father of the child. its is responsibility"
      • very naïve/ try's to get rid of the blame
    • "Unlike the other three. I did nothing I'm ashamed of or that wont bear investigation"
      • snotish attitude/ turns on her own family
    • "as if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money"
      • capitalist view/ classist snob/ derogatory
    • "I must say, we are learning something tonight"
      • thinks the upper class are perfect
    • " I don't believe it. I wont believe it"
      • ignorant/ naïve
    • "the rude way he spoke to Mr Birling and me- it was quite extraordinary"
    • " though naturally I don't know anything about this girl"
      • lying to cover herself


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