the inspector- key quotes&annotation

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  • The Inspector
    • "one person and one line of inquiry at a time"
      • smart
    • "its better to ask for the earth than to take it"
      • the inspectors lesson to Mr B is that Eva smith asked for more money whereas he takes it
    • "both her parents were dead so that shed no home to go back to.... she was feeing desperate."
      • emotive language/   sympathy
    • "if there's nothing else we'll have to share our guilt"
      • socialist view
    • "she was alone, friendless, almost penniless, desperate. she needed not money but advice, sympathy, friendliness. you've had children. you must have known what she was feeling. And you slammed the door in her face."
      • sympathy/ empathy/ emotive language
    • " each of you helped to kill her. Remember that never forget that"
      • sums up what happened/ showing that morally neglected actions of the upper class have condemned a working class girl to her death
    • " you made her pay a heavy price for that. and now she'll make you pay a heavier price still"
      • metaphorically/ should feel guilty/ remorse


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