Mrs Birling

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  • Mrs Birling
    • Impression Of Character
      • Judgemental, "Girls Of That Class"
      • Relationships
        • She sees Sheila and Eric still as "children" and speaks patronisingly to them.
          • Unstable and Belittling
        • Mr Birling Relationship-shes dominant,   social superior
    • Priestly's Use Of The Character
      • Priestley is saying the direction that society is currently heading towards, will not be changed by the older members of society
    • Key Messages/ Themes
      • Represents Upper Class women
        • Hypocritical as  she is the social superior in her relationship (unlike usual upper class women)
      • Difference between generations
        • Believes classes are completely seperate
        • Doesn't feel guilty or take responsibility, stuck in her ways,doesnt learn her lesson
          • "‘I’m sorry she should have come to such a horrible end. But I accept no blame for it at all"


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