Mrs Birling

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  • Mrs Birling
    • Who is Mrs Birling?
      • Mrs Birling is a well known member of Brumley Womens Charity Organisation.
        • She is the wife to Mr Birling and the mother to Eric and Sheila.
          • She describes her husband as her social superior, shes a snob and is very aware of the differences in social class.
            • Like her husband, she refuses to believe she did anything wrong and doesn't accept responsibility in her part of Eva's death.
              • She's also a traditionalist.
    • What does Mrs Birling do?
      • Praises Gerald for his timing in presenting the ring to Sheila.
      • She persuaded the charity not to hep the pregnant girl (abusing her powerful social position).
        • She blames the girl's death on the father of the child and explains how he should be made an example of- not knowing that the father is Eric.
    • Additional Notes
      • She didn't take any responsibility. She wants to protect herself from scandal.
        • She forgets Gerald's affair once the risk of public scandal has been removed.
      • Despite her field of work, she lacks understanding of other classes.
      • She's unaffected by the inspectors questioning, shes concerned when she discovers Eric's involvement.
        • She has almost no respect for the inspector, she tries to intimidate him to leave.
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    • Key Quotes
      • 'a rather cold woman' 'her husbands social superior'- not friendly rarely shows affection.
      • 'You're not the type - you don't get drunk'- denies what she wants to.
      • 'She was claiming fine feelings(...)that were simply absurd for a girl in her position'- social divide is important.
      • 'as if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money'- 'that sort' stereotypical, sarcasm and prejudice.


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