Mister Pip- mister watts mind map

All about mr watts my observations.

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  • Mr Watts
    • Only White man
      • Lonely and  Isolated
      • Like the island
    • as quickly as he went to mr watts as quickly he went back to pop-eye
      • 'Mr Watts stood all alone'
        • He was the mammoth  from the mammoth story
    • teacher
      • respected and love by kids
        • accepted by community
          • 'he  was like the rest of us'
          • 'parents gave  him and mrs watts food as a thank you'
    • Gentleman
      • 'a gentlman will always do the right thing'
        • Staying on the island was the right thing to
          • Untitled
    • Frail
      • 'he placed his free hand on his hip and as he bent down his faced turned red with effort'
      • Venerable
      • Matilda had failed to notice
    • Gentleman? or liar?
      • 'Well Tom had lots of stories''
      • Was  staying on the island the right thing or did he have no where to go
        • Couldn't go back to Mrs Watts
    • Not religious
      • Dolores hates this


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