Mr Birling Quotes Inspector Calls

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  • Mr Birling Quotes
    • "heavy looking"
    • "prosperous manufacturer"
    • "rather provincial in his speech"
    • "rather portentous man"
    • "middle fifties"
    • "easy manners"
    • "There's every excuse for what both your mother and I did"
    • "I was almost certain for a knighthood"
    • "hard-headed practical men of business"
    • "a man has to make his own way - has to look after himself"
      • "a man has to  mind his own business and look after himself"
      • "community and all that nonsense"
    • "There'll be a public scandal"
    • Eric says: "You're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble"
    • "(angrily to Eric) You're the one I blame for this"
    • Act 3:
    • Act One:
    • "I've got to cover this up as soon as I can" (about Eric stealing money)
    • "That fellow obviously didn't like us. He was prejudiced from the start. Probably a socialist or some sort of crank"
    • "The whole story's just a lot of moonshine. Nothing but an elaborate sell"


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