Inspector Calls- Mr Birling

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  • Mr Birling
    • "heavy-looking rather portentous man"
      • page 1
      • Mr Birling's size help to give him a threatening appearnce
    • "a hard-headed practical business man"
      • page 6
      • He thinks of himself as a man who does well in business, and doesn't let sentiment get in the way of whatever needs to be done to suceed
    • "I'm a public man"
      • page 41
      • He expects to be respected as he has been a member of the town council, Lord Mayor and a magistrate
    • Static
      • Views don't change
    • Capitalist
    • Status important to him- "knighthood"
      • Marriage a business deal
      • Worried this whole incident may get in the press and ruin his reputation.
    • Priestly uses Dramatic Irony to make a fool of him- to put down capitalists and show their usually wrong.
      • Titanic wont sink-it did
      • There wont be a war- there were two world wars


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