Hyde quotes and explanation

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  • Mr Hyde
    • "Pale and dwarfish"
      • He contrast the example of the perfect Victorian era gentleman. he is what society does not want people looking like
    • "strong sense of deformity"
      • the sibilance highlights the sharp s sound. it connotes danger something we should stay away from .
      • used to be said that if you were deformed at that time it meant that in your previous life you had done something bad hence you were suffering the consequence
    • "something  downright detestable"
      • He had a face indescribable that caused everyone to hate him when they went near him or glanced at him, he was bound to be hated.
        • He did not try to please anyone and lived his own life, he had nothing of societies personalities that were looked for in a man at that time
    • "Trampled calmly."
      • the oxymoron show how evil Hyde is for trampling over a little girl and not feeling an ounce of guilt.
        • he is then many times referred as Satan in the book, that is a big insult in that era, because that are calling you the worst thing that anyone can be called at that era.
      • we can understand that Hyde feels no sympathy or human emotions, because he was able to hurt an innocent little girl without thinking twice
    • "snarled aloud  into a savage laugh"
      • savage again linking back to wild, we can also relate this to Darwin's theory of evolution, he has not evolved fully
      • he may be just evil, does not care about others opinion of him he just wants to live his life to the fullest and be free.


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