Mr and Mrs Bennet

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  • Mr and Mrs Bennet
    • Mr Bennet
      • Enjoys mocking people eg with Mr Collins he has "High hopes of finding him quite the reverse" of sensible
        • Mr collins arrival actually is very important for his daughters future, proving he is not a good parent
      • Often shares an opinion with Elizabeth, he takes her side about what Mr collins and says "I will never see you again if you do" making the reader see him in a positive light
      • Absent father - spends all his time in his library and leaving parenting to clearly incapable Mrs Bennet so is not free from fault about Lydia
      • Likable, clever and has a dry sense of humour eg "I have respect for your nerves. they are my old friends"
    • Mrs Bennet
      • Not bright and has a "uncertain temper" She is a caricacture because she is hysterical and unaware of her own flaws
      • Used to create ironic humor as her main goal is to get her daughters married however her rudeness and ignorance make her the biggest obstacle to their marriage prospects
        • Uses this humour to make a serious point. Mrs Bennet's materialism and lack of self awarenes set a bad exmaple for Lydia and contribute to her recklessness
    • Prove the danger of a marriage based on shallow attraction
      • Austen suggests through them that the "youth" and "beauty" their marriage was based on is not enough to be happy as they have nothing in common and now there is no "real affection"  between them
        • Austen draws parallels between their marriage and that of Lydia and Wickham suggesting they will be just as unhappy
      • only happiness that Mr Bennet gets is from laughing at his wife's "ignorance and folly" and Mrs Bennet is unable to "understand his character"
      • Unhappy relaitionsip affects negatibely on children, Mrs Bennet is a bad influence who encpuages Kitty and Lydia to be silly and flirtatious and Mr bennet does nothing to stop her- he would rather avoid or laugh then fix situation
      • It is partly because Lizzy sees all the "disadvantages" of  "so unsuitable  marriage" that she is so determined to marry someone she loves and respects
  • Never takes anything seriously and neglects parental duties


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