Biology UNIT 1

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  • Movement and Stability in cells
      • Cells contain a network of fibres made of protein.
        • These fibres keep the cell's shape stable by providing an internal framework (called the cytoskeleton).
          • Fibres that are important are the following;
            • ACTIN FILAMENTS
              • They are like fibres found in muscle cells and they are able to move against each other.
                • These fibres cause the movement seen in some white blood cells. They also move some organisms around inside cells.
            • MICROTUBULES
              • These are cylinders about 25nm in diameter.
                • They are made of a protein called tubulin.
                  • They may be used to move an organism through a liquid  or to waft a liquid past the cell.
                    • Other proteins present on the microtubules move organelles and other cell contents along the fibres.
                      • This is how the following occurs;
                        • How chromosomes are moved during mitosis
                          • Untitled
                        • How vesicles move from ER to the Golgi Apparatus.
                          • Microtubules use ATP to drive both these movements.


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