Movement and Position (Forces and Motion)

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  • Movement and Position
    • Speed
      • Average speed = distance travelled / time taken.
      • Units of speed : metres per second (m/s), kilometres per hour (km/h)
    • Vector and Scalar Quantities
      • Scalar quantities do not take direction into account.
        • Speed
        • Distance
      • Vector quantities take both size and direction into account.
        • Displacement
        • Velocity
        • Acceleration
    • Distance-Time Graphs
      • Gradient shows speed.
      • Straight line shows a constant speed.
      • A line curving upwards shows acceleration.
    • Velocity-Time Graphs
      • Gradient shows acceleration.
      • Straight line shows a constant acceleration.
      • Area under the graph shows distance travelled.
    • Acceleration
      • Acceleration = change in velocity / time taken.
      • Units of acceleration: metres per second squared (m/s²)


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