Mount Etna Case Study

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  • Mount Etna
    • Social Impacts
      • No deaths
        • Home to approx. one million people.
      • Lava destroyed springs and water supply was disrupted.
      • Schools closed
      • Buildings destroyed by lava
    • Economic Impacts
      • Lava destroyed tourist station at Piano Provenzana
      • Catania airport closed due to ash
      • Lava took out power cables
      • Agricultural yields affected
      • Millions of insurance claims for property damage
    • Political Impacts
      • The Italian Army's heavy equipment was brought in to block and divert lava flows
      • The Italian government pledged immediate financial assistance of more than $8 million.
    • Environment Impacts
      • Orange groves, vineyards, chestnuts and hazel groves destroyed
      • Ash deposited material as far away as Libya, 600km
    • Risk management
      • Monitoring of volcano for 20 years
        • Land swelling and gas emissions
      • Development of evacuation plans and emergency supplies.
    • Mitigation
      • Dams of soil and volcanic rock were put up to protect the tourist base and helped to divert lava flow.
      • Evacuation of people from Nicolosi
  • Adaptation
    • Buildings strengthened to reduce risk of collapse from weight of ash
    • Mount Etna used for tourism to generate local income.
    • Management plans
  • Italy, 2002
  • VEI 3


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