Mount Etna

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  • Mount Etna
    • East coast of Sicily, Italy, in the province of Catania
    • Stratovolcano (composite)
      • Constructed over an older shield volcano
      • Mount Etna and it's surrounding lava flows cover an area of 600 square miles
      • Base of volcano has circumference of 93 miles
      • 3,323m high - tallest active volcano in Europe
      • Cone shape
      • Basaltic and Andesitic lava
    • Convergent (destructive) margin
      • Subduction of African plate underneath Eurasian plate
    • Explosivity
      • Explosive eruptions take place frequently from its three summit craters: the central crater, northeast crater, and southeast crater
      • Flank vents located lower down the mountain erupt less frequently and explosively but have higher effusion rates
      • VEI - 5
    • Frequency of Eruptions
      • Before 2001, Mount Etna erupted at an average of once every 1.7 years
      • Since 2001, it has erupted at least once a year, except in 2007


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