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  • Motoring
    • The direction of the field around a wire can be found using the right hand grip rule
    • When a wire is placed between the poles of a magnet, it moves when the current is switched on
      • If the current is reversed, it moves in the opposite direction
    • The field of a long coil of wire is similar to a bar magnet
    • When a current passes through a coil, there is a force on each side of it
      • Forces on each side are in opposite directions: the coil starts to spin
    • The motor spins faster when there are more turns on the coil, and the current/ magnetic field  strength are increased
    • The job of the commutator is to keep the motor spinning
    • The direction of the coil is reversed every half turn: the force on the coil is always in the same direction
    • A radical field increases the  force on the coil and keeps it constant as the motor turns
    • Magnets in practical motors have curved poles to give a radical magnetic field


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