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  • Motorcycle Theft
    • Prevention
      • Preventative measures like locks and chain are becoming less effective due to battery powered tool  being readily used
      • Police awareness and new chase laws to protect the officers
      • Harsher and more common practice convictions. Possible penalties and charges to settle the monetary cost  of there actions
      • Help those in high risk areas into well paying or stable jobs/ education which will limit the benefits of life in crime.
      • Use of  different materials and multi-stage prevention. e.g. disc lock and chain and alarm and cover
      • use of new techniques to combat the new types of tools impended in current thefts
    • Reasons
      • Motobikes are stolen because are often easy to steal and offer easy money for those who do it often
      • Quick money and the lack of well payed 9-5 jobs often leads younger people into the life.
      • Use of bikes to steal bikes has lead to a reduction in conviction and arrest rates. police are becoming unable to ever   chase those on bikes due to risks involved.
      • Stolen to use as a joy ride or to commit other crimes (phone snatching)
    • Problems
      • "out running you friend not there bear"
      • product needs to be easy to use, as often hassle of it stop people using protection
      • a determined thief get it regardless.
      • expert tool and more willing theives
      • Needs to protect high value products
    • Solutions
      • Ground anchor?
      • Integrated shackle?
      • Cable lock.
      • D lock
      • alarm?
      • Chain Lock
      • disc lock


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