Motivational Theories

Key points for motivational theories

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  • Motivational Theories
    • Maslow
      • Triangle
      • Basic Needs met first
      • Physicological (hunger/thirst)
        • Safety (Secruity/Protection)
          • Social (sens of belonging/love)
            • Esteem (selfesteem/  recognition safety)
              • Top Goal!
    • Herzberg
      • Two factor theory
        • Hygiene Factors factors resulting in dissatisfaction
          • Job secruity salary working conditions company policies
        • Motivators
          • Advancement Responsibility Recognition Interesting Work
    • McGregor
      • Managment theory
      • Theory X
        • Assume workers are lazy/motivated by money
          • Unambitious/ have to be supervised/ dont want responsibility
      • Theory Y
        • Workers look to gain satisfation/ if employee low manager should question themselves + enviroment
          • want to work/ trusted/ behave/provide good ideas/postive attitude
    • Taylor
      • People only work for money
      • managers should maximise efficency
        • simple tasks/specilist equipment/piece rate
      • carrot & stick/incentive &punishment
    • Mayo
      • work better in teams
      • need recognition/secruity/ sense of belonging
      • Less supervision
      • should socialise (carphone warehouse)


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