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  • Motivation
    • the external influences and internal mechanisms that arouse and direct our behaviour
    • Intrinsic motivation
      • the drive that come from within, the need to achieve something for personal satisfaction
      • a sense of mastery, a sense of accomplishment
    • Extrinsic motivation
      • the drive we experience if we are offered an external reward
      • Tangible rewards
        • rewards that can be touched e.g. medals, trophies, money
      • Intangible rewards
        • external rewards that cannot be touched
        • e.g. cheers from a crowd, congratulations from teammates or coach
    • Reasons why intrinsic>extrinsic
      • Intrinsic motivation gives performer a sense of control over performance
      • (Excessive) extrinsic may reduce/lead to loss of (intrinsic) motivation
        • play for prize, not love of game
      • Performers demand increasing extrinsic rewards - some rewards unimportant/lose their value
      • Failure to achieve extrinsic reward may lead to loss of (intrinsic) motivation - if no reward, give up
    • How a coach can motivate players
      • make training fun and varied
      • use role models for inspiration
      • use external rewards
      • set goals


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