Mother, any distance

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  • Mother, any distance
    • poem about mother, son relationship
    • decleration of love-going any distance for his mother
    • irregular rhyme=inconsistant relationship
    • fingertips still pinch
      • she's still holding on
      • coveys pain, too clingy
    • You at the zero-end
      • umbilical cord
      • she is the zero and started his life
    • centimetres back to base
      • astronaut, like going to the moon
    • lines 9, 10 and 11 build up tension
    • Anchor. Kite.
      • caesura
    • fall or fly
      • success or failure
      • alliteration
    • the acres of the walls
      • usually don't measure walls in acres
      • measuring his world
    • I space-walk
      • Untitled


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