Most Christians (Euthanasia)

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  • Most Christians
    • Euthanasia is wrong
    • It is taking away the life of a human being - that is always murder.
    • God created human beings in his image so only God has the power to take life away.
    • Even if a sick person says they want to die, no one has the authority to take their life away.
    • Life is so valuable it should be valued even when someone is in great pain.
    • Terminally ill patients can still worship God and show other people God's love.
    • Euthanasia could be used for evil purposes.
    • Doctors and relatives may make the choice without consulting the patient.
    • No one should be able to make a judgement about the value of another person's life.
    • No person should value themselves so worthless that it would be better to die.


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