moses and religion

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  • Moses & Religion
    • religion in the soviet union
      • christianity
        • work hard,   get a better life after death
          • used to motivate people
      • Stalin
        • Stalin wanted everyone to put their faith into his views. However, he realised that they needed motivation
          • in the original plans for communism, Marx said there was no need for religion, as the masses would be happy with their lives and not need to  hope for a better after life
            • "religion is the opiate of the masses"
        • Stalin was raised an orthodox christian
          • to follow communist and totalitarian ideas, he became an atheist
            • during Stalin's reign, communists aimed to replace all religious teachings with communist ideals
              • he became closer with the church again during WWII because most Russians remained Christian and the church rallied people to fight Nazi Germany
          • his government and "the league of militant godless" spread propaganda attacking religion
            • "museums of atheists" showcased displays that represented the uselessness of religion and how it was merely superstition
          • he is known to have said "God would never forgive us" in a private meeting with friends
    • Moses
      • Moses left the farm with mr jones
        • Moses later re-joins the farm in chapter 9 to motivate the animals when they are tired and scared
          • shows that he is not loyal to anybody
            • does what is best and more comfortable for himself
          • "in the middle of the summer, Moses the raven suddenly reappeared on the farm, after an absence of several years"
        • Mr Jones' favourite animal
          • "a spy and a tale-bearer"
      • sugarcandy mountain = heaven
        • where animals go after a long, hard working life
      • the animals don't like him because he doesn't do the work
        • when the revolution first happens, the pigs have to convince the animals that what Moses said was not true
          • "counteract the lies put about by Moses, the tame raven"
        • "the animals hated him because he told tales and did no work"
      • "clever talker"
    • quotes
      • "in the middle of the summer, Moses the raven reappeared on the farm, after an absence of several years"
        • suddenly - the adverb suggests that it was an abrupt, unexpected action
          • reappeared show that he had never left the animals and that the idea of religion had always stayed with them, giving them faith when they most needed it


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