Moscovici Green Blue

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  • Moscovici Green/Blue
    • Aims
      • Whether a minority can influence majority of naïve participant
    • Procedure
      • Lab experiment, participants given 36 slides all blue with varying brightness
      • Participants tested for colour blindness and randomly allocated to consistent, inconsistent and control
      • Each condition had 6 participants (2 were confederates other 4 naïve)
      • In consistent confederates described all as green. Inconsistent described 24 as green. In control there were no confederates
      • Minority influence measured by % of participants who yielded by calling the blue slides green
    • Evaluation
      • Lacks experimental realism and has demand characteristics as it was not believable
      • Lacks internal validity as conversation was not a genuine effect
      • Lacks mundane realism as it was set up and has no relations to real life
      • Low ecological validity as cannot generalise to real life settings
    • Findings
      • In consistent 8.4% of participants answers were green. 32% conformed at least once
      • In Inconsistent 1.3% od answers were green
      • In control 0.25% answers were green
    • Conclusion
      • Minority does have influence over majority, is most effective when consistent


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