Mortality Measures

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  • Mortality Measures
    • Crude Death Rate (CDR)
      • Total number of deaths per thousand of the population per year.
        • No account of age of death as it relates to total population
        • Simple and widely used
    • Age Specific Mortality Rate
      • Number of deaths per thousand of population within specific age bands per yr.
        • Often used by insurance companies to calculate risk of death to specific age group
    • Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)
      • Number of deaths per thousand in first yr of life. This is a variation of Age Specific Mortality Rate but only records deaths in first yr.Excludes stillbirths
        • Good when comparing countries
    • Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)
      • Records number of maternal deaths per hundred thousand live births.
        • World bank uses a refined version where average risks of women dying from childbirth have been calculated as ratio eg Sierre Leone 1:8
    • Life Expectancy
      • Number of years person is expected to live, assuming current mortality levels maintained. Depend on health and welfare conditions. LE increasing through C20th
        • MEDCs 77yrsLEDCs-55-66yearsWomen higher LE than men- 7yrs in MEDCs and 4 in LEDCs


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