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  • Mormons
    • led by Brigham Young
      • to the Great Salt Lake in 1846
        • Brigham believed God was sending him to a place noone else wanted as the great salt lake had nothing to offer to anyone
        • on the journey many dies from disease and hungar
        • it was  a hard journey and they spent the winter building wagons and collecting ffod and equipement
        • Brigham organised the trip very well, he grouped people into 100's, then 50's then 10's and each was led by a leader
    • between 1823 - 1847
    • founded by Joseph Smith
      • he was 14 years old from New York
      • he stated he was visited by an Angel called Moroni
      • visits gold plates in the mountains with the new religion written on them
        • he published the book with the new religion
        • he had some followers but some thought he was a fraud so they were chased out of New York
      • by 1831-37 smith had over 1,000 followers, they had a small community but were chased out of Kirtland too!!
        • he did not want to go west so they went to ILLINOIS and called it NAUVOO with 33.000 Mormons
    • Utah
      • they lived in peace and became a state
      • polygamy had to be banned to be a state
      • it was organised very well
        • each family had a piece of land according to there needs
        • they  had an exact time to draw water from the well as water was essential


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