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  • More on the Electromagnetic spectrum
    • 5. X-rays
      • Airport security to scan luggage.
      • Airports use x-ray scanners on passengers for any concealed weapons or explosives.
      • Used in hospitals to take photographs to check for broken bones.
        • X-rays pass easily through flesh but not so easily through denser material like bones or metal.
    • 6. Gamma rays
      • Sterilisation of medical tools.
      • High doses of gamma rays kill harmful microbes in food.
      • Gamma rays can also be used to diagnose cancer.
      • High doses of gamma rays kill all living cells, so it can be used to treat cancers.
        • However a fair bit of damage can be done to normal cells. But if the cancer is killed successfully in the end, its worth it.
      • Ionising radiation is emitted all the time by radioactive source when their nucleus decays: alpha,beta, gamma.
        • They have so much energy they knock electrons off atoms.


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