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  • More on Classification
    • Organisms are the same species if they can interbreed to produce fertile offspring.
    • Accurate classification isn't always easy because...
      • 2. If one species interbreeds with another you produce a hybrid and these can be fertile.
      • 1. Not all organisms interbreed like the species definition says - some reproduce asexually but they are still the same species.
      • 3. Member of the same species are expected to look similar but there can be a lot of variation within a species.
      • 4. A ring species is a group of related populations that live in neighbouring areas.
        • Those that live next to each other can interbreed and produce fertile offspring but those that live further away can't.
          • It is therefore difficult to tell whether these population are different species..
    • In the binomial system each species is given a two part Latin name. The first part refers to the genus and the seconds part refers to the species.


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