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  • Responsibilities
    • Promoting anti-discriminatory practice
      • Implementing codes of practice and policies that challenge discrimination
        • Equality Act   2010
        • The Human Rights Acts 1998
      • Adapting health and social care provisions for different types of service users
        • Regardless of race, ethnicity, age, disability or equal orientation and prejudice
    • Ensuring safety in health and social care
      • Provision of first aid facilities
      • Safeguarding and protecting others from abuse
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      • Protecting service users, staff and volunteer from infection
      • Risk assessment
      • Reporting and recording accidents and incidents
      • Control and disposal of substance harmful to health
    • Information management and communication
      • Recording, storage and retrieval of data
      • Adhering to legall and workplace requirements
      • Applying Data Protection Act 1998
      • Confidentiality, safeguarding and legal disclosure
    • Accountability to professional organisations
      • Re-validation procedures
      • Codes of professional conduct
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    • Empowering individuals
      • Dealing with conflict
      • Promoting and supporting individuals right to dignity and independence
      • Promoting individualized care
      • Providing active support consists with beliefs, cultures and preference of service users
      • Supporting individuals who need help to express their needs and preferences
      • Promoting the rights, choices and well being who use health and social care services
      • Balancing their rights with the service providers


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