More on Cardiovascular Disease

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  • More on Cardiovascular disease
    • Artificial heart
      • Can pump blood around the body
      • A heart transplant is when someone's faulty hear is replaced by a donor heart
      • If a donor heart isn't avaliable doctors can fit an artificial heart. - a machine
      • Sometimes artificial harts are permanent
      • Advantages; - made from metal/plastic  which means they are less likely to be attacked by the body's immune system
      • Disadvantages; - Surgery in the fitting can leead to bleeding & infection. They don't work as well as a healthy natural one. Blood doesn't flow through artificial hears as smoothly as through a natural heart. Patient has to take drugs to thin their blood - can bleed a lot more than is usual.
    • Faulty heart valves can also be replaced
      • These valves can be damaged by heart attacks, infection or old age - causing the valve to stiffen, making it not open properly
      • A valve may also become leaky - allowing blood to flow in both directions - means that the blood doesn't flow around the body as well as normal
      • Damaged valves may be replaced by biological valves form humans/other mammals. Or they can be replaced by mechanical valves (man-made)
      • Replacing a valve is less risky than a heart transplant but there can still be blood clots


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