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  • Morality
    • Nora leaves her children motherless
      • "Motherless..." // "As you once were"
    • Nora borrows money without Torvalds permission
      • "A wife can't borrow without her husbands consent"
    • Nora lies constantly       -To T about money            -To Krogs about signature        -Initially to Mrs Linde
      • "It was me who signed my father's name"  "He musn't know anything"
    • Krogstad blackmails Nora
      • "if I'm pitched out a second time, you are going to keep me company"
    • Mrs Linde left Krogs for money
      • "more profitable offers"
    • Nora won't take the money from Rank
      • "how could you be so clumsy...When everything was so nice"
    • Chris mourns in peacetime America there is no sense of camaraderie only desire for material gain
      • "last pair of dry socks" "bus accident"
    • Krogstad sends the IOU back
      • "He sends his regrets and apologies for what he has done"
    • Joe realises what he did was immoral
      • "They were all my sons"
    • Frank is a draft dodger
      • "He was always one year ahead of the draft"


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