Moral panics

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  • Moral Panics
    • Cohen- clash between mods and rockers was exaggerated by the media known as deviancy amplification. and there were labelled as folk devils.
    • Hall- Mugging in the 70's was exaggerated by the media and marxists believe this was a scapegoat to distract people from the problems risen by capitalism
    • Sarah thornton - panic was created by the media on drug use as the attention increased teenage interest.
      • As a result of Leah Betts death
    • Pluralists (Mcrobbie + thornton) The media reflects society and we are aware that some stories are exaggerated by the media. Hard to apply because society is fragmented and we get news from different sources
      • Ferudi: Reflects societies fears, such as the fear of the older generation when it comes to teenagers and violence


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