Moral Argument Critcisms

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  • Moral argument Criticisms
    • Cardinal Newman
      • Our moral conscience is evidence of God's existence.
        • We feel responsibly, ashamed and frightened of transgressing the voice of conscience, this implies there is one to whom we are responsible
    • Aquinas
      • Goodness exists and it takes their reality from higher things that are "noble, true and good" this being is God
    • Owen
      • "It is impossible to think of a command without a commander"
        • The existence of objective moral law suggests that there must be a divine law-giver who wrote them. Command do not write themselves, they are either brute facts or they have an author
    • J.L.Mackie
      • Supports The biological, sociological and psychologicalexplanations for morality
    • Freud
      • Tripartite mind is reasonable as we do have primal instincts and societal rules
        • Therefore there is no need for a God since our morality can be explained by the tripartite mind
      • Religion is an obsessional neurosis
    • Kant
      • The world is fair and we have autonomy
        • The world is fair and if we carry out out duty we will reach the Summum Bonum
        • "We experience awe from the starry skies and moral law within"
      • The highest good May not be achieved in this life despite doing one's duty, therefore it is achieved in the next life. Our souls are immortal


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