Moral Argument - Strengths and Weaknesses

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  • Moral Argument
    • Weaknesses
      • It is an argument of probability and not certainty = we will not know if the summum bonum exsits until we die
      • No logical reason our sense of right and wrong comes from God
      • Brain Davis argued why God had to be assumed to bring highest good - 'why not a pantheon of angels?'
      • Moral behaviour doesn't have to be rewarded with happiness
      • Kant argued cultures agreed on the moral law but societies have different ideas of what is right and wrong
        • Stoning is still used in some countries [Iran]
      • No link between God and the afterlife
    • Strengths
      • Freud argues morality doesnt come from God, but there is no proof it comes from the super-ego
      • Maybe God gave us the super-ego
      • H.P Owen and Aquinas believe the moral law comes from God
      • Hick suggested that we recognise moral claims as very important which implies another reality
      • Makes sense of our own experience of right and wrong




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