Montserrat Case Study

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  • Montserrat-Developing World
    • Social Impacts
      • Islands population forced to flee 50% of population lost (6000)
      • Co2 levels increased
      • Main aiport and harbour destroyed and stopped aid getting in the country
    • Economic Impacts
      • Aid given to help relocate people (£10.5 million)
    • Primary Impacts
      • 23 people died
        • Schools and hospitals destroyed
      • Plymouth, the capital city became covered in ash and became a ghost town.
      • Airport and port were both destroyed
    • Secondary Impacts
      • 50% population evacuated North
      • tourist industry suffered and stopped
      • People forced to live in makeshift shelters
    • Other info
      • June 1997
      • Soufriere Hills
      • Untitled


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