Montserrat Volcanic eruption

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  • Montserrat Volcanic eruption
    • When, where, why?
      • 25th June 1997
      • British Overseas Territory of Montserrat
        • Northern part of Lesser Antilles.
      • South American plate subjected under Caribbean plate.
        • Multiple fissure eruptions formed Chances Peak, a composite volcano.
          • Acidic lava eruptions formed domes in the crater which collapsed and caused pyroclastic flows.
    • Impacts
      • 19 killed
      • 3/4 all infrastructure destroyed.
      • 2/3 homes buried under ash or rubble.
    • Responses
      • Prior to eruption
        • 1995 Montserrat Volcano Observatory successfully predicted event.
        • Over 5000 evacuated to Antigua, UK and USA.
      • Post eruption
        • UK gave 17 million pounds in aid.
        • 1998- Citizens granted full residency rights in UK so could migrate if they wanted to.
        • 3 year re-development plan funded by UK.


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