GCSE Edexcel 9-1 Histoy: Montgomery Bus Boycott facts

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  • Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956
    • Causes
      • 1st December 1955 - Rosa Parks refused to move from her seat.
      • Police arrested her.
      • Sat in colored part of the bus
      • Three other blacks moved
    • Events
      • 8th December 1955 - MIA met bus companies to discuss policy changes
      • Blacks refused to ride on buses
      • Walked to work
      • Car pools began on 12th December with 300 people
      • 90% of blacks who rode buses boycotted them
    • MIA
      • Led by Martin Luther King
      • Set up on 5th December 1955 as the Montgomery Improvement Association
      • Aimed to improve the lives of blacks in Montgomery
      • Ran the boycott
    • Opposition
      • KKK and WCC used violence
      • KKK and WCC membership rapidly increased
      • Police and Mayor Gayle joined the WCC
      • 22nd February 1956 - 89 MIA members, including King, where arrested for disrupting lawful business
    • Browder V Gayle
      • 11th May 1956 by the NAACP
      • Court stated all buses should be desegregated (backed up by Brown ruling)
      • Bus companies appealed to Supreme Court on 13th November 1956
        • Overturned
    • Consequences
      • 20th December 1956 - MIA end the boycott
      • 21st December 1956 - integrated bus services begin
      • White backlash continued
      • Many MIA members' houses firebombed
      • Bus services suspended to allow things to calm down
      • All other Montgomery services remained segregated
      • Brought Martin Luther King into the spotlight
      • Laid out non-violent, direct action rules
      • Showed blacks could organise mass protest


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