monoclonal antibodies

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  • monoclonal antibodies
    • identical copies of one type of antibody produced in laboratory
    • 1. mouse is injected with pathogen
    • 2. lymphocytes produce antibodies
    • 3. lymphocytes are removed from the mouse and fused with rapidly dividing mouse tumour cells
    • 4. the new cells are called hybridomas
    • 5. the hybridomas divide rapidly and release lots of antibodies which are then collected
    • monoclonal antibodies can be used in many ways:
      • diagnosis; e.g. pregnancy- measure the level of hormones
      • detecting pathogens; can detect very small quantities of chemicals in the blood
      • detecting molecules; fluorescent dye can be attached so it can be seen inside cells or tissues
      • treatment; bound to radioactive substance, toxic drug or chemicals


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