Monoclonal Antibodies

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  • Monoclonal Antibodies
    • Produced from a single cell that has divided to make many copies of itself.
    • These antibodies bind to only one type of antigen.
      • Can be used to target a specific chemical or specific cells in the body.
      • Can be used in pregnancy tests as they can be designed to react with the hormone HCG (which is found in the urine of pregnant women)
    • Made by combining mouse cells and a tumour cell (so it can replicate itself easily) to create a hybridoma.
      • (1) A mouse is vaccinated so that it starts to form antibodies.
        • (2) Spleen cells are collected from the mouse
          • (3) The antibodies are fused with myeloma cells (tumour cells) to create hybridoma cells
            • (4) The hybridoma cells are gorwn in a laboratory and the ones that produce antibodies are separated and the antibodies are collected.
    • Have created more side effects than expected so aren't widely used.
      • Some side effects include: nausea, fever, irritation and allergic reactions.


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