monoamine hypothesis

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  • Monoamine Hypothesis
    • Monoamines are a group of neurotransmitters
      • Serotonin
      • Dopamine
      • Norepinephrine
    • Serotonin
      • Regulates other neurotransmitters
      • Without regulation, there is erratic brain functioning and thinking
      • Low levels of serotonin lead to low levels of norepinephrine
    • Norepinephrine
      • Needed to show alertness, energy and anxiety
      • Some anti-depressants work by increasing the levels of norepinephrine
    • Dopamine
      • Some depressants work by increasing dopamine levels
      • Energy, alertness, motivation and attention
    • treatment is matched to the symptom shown
    • Diathesis Stress Model
      • Genetic pre-disposition with an environmental trigger
      • Genetic tendency to depression is inherited but is triggered by environment
      • Heritability
        • 40% women
        • 30% men
      • serotonin transporter gene had a moderating effect on depression following a stressful life event


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