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  • Momentum (kg m/s)
    • Momentum (p) = mass X velocity
      • P = m X V
    • Greater mass & velocity = more momentum
    • Is a vector quantity
    • Conservation of Momentum
      • In a CLOSED SYSTEM (no external forces) momentum Before = momentum After
      • Collisions & Explosions
        • Choose which direction is "positive", then work out total momentum before & after
          • Then make sure they are equal
        • NB: momentum before explosions = ZERO - so momentum must = zero after, meaning projectile (e.g. bullet) will go forwards (positive) & system will go backwards (negative) = RECOIL
    • Forces cause changes in momentum
      • Larger force = faster change in momentum
        • So, if a person's momentum changes v.quickly, they'll be subjected to large forces


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