Mollie Animal Farm Revision Mind Map

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  • Mollie
    • Lazy
      • "excused herself"
        • "ran away from work"
        • "overslept"
          • "late"
    • Vain
      • "glazing at her own reflection"
      • "several bunches of ribbion"
    • Upper class/ Russian Bourise
      • Mollie was always pampered by Mr. Jones just as the Upper class of russia were pampered by the Romanov monarchs.
      • Mollie COMPLAINS about not having SUGAR CUBES or RIBBONS that Mr. Jones had once given her.
      • "sugar cubes"
        • "complains or mysterious pains"
        • "several bunches of ribbon"
    • Trust
      • Lies to clover about having contact with one of Mr. Pilkinton's men
        • "he didnt! I wasn't! It isnt true!"
          • "But she could not look clover in the face"
    • minor
      • but reprosents something very important
        • dosnt really care about politics
    • Traiter
      • when being petted by one or Mr. Pilkintons men
    • Orwell uses Mollie
      • characterize the people after any rebellion who aren't too receptive to new leaders and new economics.
  • general
    • Quotes
      • key words linked to molllie
  • themes


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