Moles and Titrations

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  • Moles and Titrations
    • Concentration - measured in moles per dm3
    • The more solute you dissolve in a given volume, the more crowded the solute molecules are and the more concentrated the solution
    • TITRATION: allow you to find out exactly how much acid is needed to neutralise a quality of alkali
    • END POINT: point at which acid and alkali have reacted completely
    • Experiment
      • Measure known volume of alkali in conical flask using pipette (wash with distilled water)
        • Add indicator to solution in flask
          • Pour acid in burette (wash with distilled water and some acid)
            • Record reading on burette. Release small amount of acid into flask. Swirl flask to make sure mixed
              • Keep swirling until indicator in flask changes colour. Record reading on burette
    • Phenolphthalein- pink in alkalis - colourless in acids
    • Methyl orange - yellow in alkalis - red in acids


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