Moksha and ways to achieve it

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  • Moksha and ways to achieve it
    • Moksha means destruction of illusion and liberation from the cycle of Samsara
    • Transforming and purifying the mind and body to achieve inner perfection
      • 1) Through righteous conduct, virtuous living, self-restraint, detachment, equanimity, sameness and dispassion.
      • 2) Cultivating the right knowledge and proper discernment, by practicing self-study or learning from wise masters or by awakening the psychic centers or cakras.
      • 3) Practicing devotion, concentration, meditation and self-absorption whereby the mind and body are completely purified, perfected and stabilized.
    • To achieve liberation, we need to know the obstacles:
      • Ignorance or delusion
      • Nature
      • Egoism
      • Attachment
      • Desires
    • Physical liberation
      • Free your body from natural urges, limitations and impulses to which it is subject.
        • Control certain bodily functions and activites, such as hunger, thirst, breathing, sleep, sexual desier, craving for physical pleasures, and attachment with your name and form.
    • Mental liberation
    • Spiritual liberation
      • Renounce, detach, surrender, faith, knowledge, devotion
    • Overcome ignorance and desires
    • Bhakti yoga
      • The yoga od Love and Devotion
        • Strives not to identift but to adore god
      • Most opular form od yoga
    • Karma Yoga
      • Karma means action - for active people, work is the form of worship
    • Raja yoga
      • Raj - king. Path of self discipline and practice.
    • Jnana Yoga
      • Meditation yogas
      • Yoga of knowledge
      • Intense, inner reflection


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